Explore our diverse array of rentable electric bikes, offering convenience, performance, and adventure for your explorations and daily commutes. 


Secure your booking with a 200 AUD deposit at the store when you pick up, refunding the remaining balance for hassle-free reservation flexibility and convenience.


Confirmation email for pickup awaits location details included for hassle-free collection of your booked electric bike adventure.

Ride Hub Australia's Rental Hub for Electric Scooters

When you visit Ride Hub Australia, and you avail of our newest program: The E-Ride Rental Hub, you are not just renting an e-scooter but you're unlocking a world of adventure too. The friendly Ride Hub team will guide you how to use the e-scooters, how to take care of it, and if you’re ready, we can even give you tips on the know-abouts on various hiking trails, walking tours, and must-visit tourist spots if you need some navigating.

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 Unexpected Adventures,

Unmatched experience,
Unbeatable Ride Hub E-bike.

Anyone can rent an electric scooter, as long as they adhere to the rules and regulations set by Ride Hub Australia. 

Before you embark on your adventure, you'll need to sign and understand the rental agreement.

Your rental fee is determined by the duration specified in your application.

Once you've finished using the e-scooter, return it to the Ride Hub Australia shop promptly. If you wish to return it to a different location, additional costs may apply. 

In the unfortunate event of an accident, report the time, place, cause, and circumstances to Ride Hub Australia immediately.

If the e-scooter sustains damage, contact Ride Hub Australia right away for assistance.

In case of loss or theft during the rental period, inform Ride Hub Australia immediately. Please note that if the loss is due to negligence, a contract penalty fee may be charged.


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